María Ptqk 26·07·2013

Ecómetro. Sustainability 2.0

How much does a building contaminate? How much energy does it consume? How much water? What is the ecological impact of the materials used in its construction? How does the building affect the environmental balance of the surrounding area? And what about the health of those who use the building?

These are some of the questions for which ecómetro, attempts to provide answers read post

Alberto Castro 24·07·2013

Home protection on your phone

Smartphones and their multifarious uses are one of our best allies when it comes to giving that final nudge towards home automation, a fact that has been proven by initiatives such as Canary read post

María Ripoll Cera 18·07·2013

Unnium, the artists’ marketplace

A virtual community with ambition can also be an instrument of change. Sectors such as the performing arts, which have lost their principle source of income, namely, institutional subsidies, are setting a fine example of how to take charge of the running of their own operations by initiating new formulas such as their very own marketplace read post

Andrés Colmenares 17·07·2013

Auctionata: a new era in auctioneering

Auctionata, a company with offices in Berlin and New York, combines the experience of an auction house with the potential of e-commerce read post

Flavio Escribano 16·07·2013

DUST 514. Cross-game context

Trade fair after trade fair and presentation after presentation we are increasingly hearing echoes of the term cross-platformality, or multi-platformality. In other words, the ability to play your favourite video game on your console, tablet or mobile phone, etc., as though all these options were complementary to one unique experience that keeps you hooked read post

ArtsMoved 12·07·2013

Notegraphy: texting with (aesthetic) sense

Nobody writes letters anymore. As a result, we hardly ever look in our letter box. Why would we bother, when all that’s ever in there are bills and supermarket advertising… read post

James Hatley 9·07·2013

James Hatley



Childlike, unusual, entertaining, and with an apparent simplicity of strokes, a simplicity that inspires us to take a trip down memory lane, back to our childhood, back to the primitive, commonplace gestures of children, but also of adults read post

Jorge Gallardo 8·07·2013

The ever-decreasing life-span of televisions

In smart tv, the television manufacturing sector has discovered its proverbial goose with the golden egg. These new devices, which can usually be found plonked in front of the sofa, come with an internet connection and an operating system that are usually obsolete within a couple of years read post